Friday, May 21, 2010

Portland Golf Club

A friend of mine from high school is now the membership director at the Portland Golf Club. They needed photos for marketing materials, so of course a photos-for-golf trade was all I needed!

The lighting wasn’t perfect, but we still had fun. If anything, we scouted spots for next time. HDR brought out some locations better than others:




Thursday, May 20, 2010


I designed a brochure for somebody’s homework assignment recently, yet I went forward with it like it was for a $1,000 client. I' had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use this trick with the grassy typography, and voila, here it was!

So, while I essentially did the project for free, it was SO WORTH IT! Even if only for the fact that I spelled “Grow” with grass.

Here’s the cover (PS: There are a couple of typos, but I really wanted to share the design before I made my final edits!):