Sunday, May 31, 2009

College Media Matters article

This guy sent me an e-mail after I was selected to the Uwire 100 last month, and he asked me some questions on the future of journalism and such, not to mention some background Q+A about yours truly.

He posted the article last week: CLICK HERE to read it.

The interesting part is that he actually researched me to find information about this blog and my advisor, Nils Rosdahl, that I left out in the interview. Good Job, Dan!

100th Post!!

I can’t believe I’ve actually made it to 100 posts since I started in early November. I didn’t even realize how many I was up to until I noticed Glenn celebrating a milestone on his blog. Thus, I felt I should celebrate, as well (much like Glenn did).

Firstly, some interesting facts: Thanks to Google Analytics, I can see where people are from when they look at my blog. However, I didn’t set this up until early March, as I accidentally deleted my first attempt. Nevertheless, since March I’ve been hit 736 times from 410 unique visitors. I don’t think I even know that many people, but there you go.

Interestingly enough, Jakewood has been visited in 20 different countries! From Canada to France, Mexico to India, Panama to Finland, Singapore to Greece, Australia to Sweden… The list goes on!

What’s more, I’ve chalked up 43 out of 50 states! Look below, the darker the green the more popular that state is.


So, yeah, it’s barely June and I’ve hit 100 after almost 8 months, but my next goal is 250 before December 31.

It should be easy; I don’t exactly keep to myself. Besides, I have a newfound love for photography after learning so much at Poynter. So keep checking in, there should be some interesting stuff happening as I look for my next journalism job in Portland and get ready to move out of Idaho (again…) and get ready for this whole marriage thing.

Thanks for stopping by. And you stay classy, San Diego.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My First Shark Sighting!!

Originally, my project at Poynter was to cover sharks at The Pier. Since, I've switched to pelicans, although my true wish whilst perusing The Pier was to see a shark. A real, wild shark.

Well, boom shakka lakka!!

This morning, a fisherman down at The Pier reeled in a 9-foot, 400-pound monster! I arrived 7 hours after the slain shark was dropped into the angler's pickup, just in time to see the Aquarium's biologist carve out a chunk for testing.

Here are some photos I snagged with the borrowed Cannon Mark 3:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pelican Photos

I went down to the Pier today to shoot the Pelicans for my Poynter Project with a Cannon Mark 3... Probably the nicest camera I will ever touch! (Hahaha! Nik & Tim... I know you're jealous!)

Needless to say, the camera alone pumped out some amazingly high-quality stuff. I easily cracked off over 250 shots just figuring out how to use the damn thing.

Anyway, here are the best pics I think I got today:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting crabs in Florida

Somebody got crabs! But I think these ones can be taken care of pretty easy... Actually, you can buy 12 of these things for like $3.67 for fish bait (or pets, according to the sign).

Poynter Institute video project (Rough Draft)

Here's the rough draft for my big video project at Poynter... Remember, they wanted us to try new things, and failure is almost as good as incredible success. So if I failed, hopefully I failed hard!

Here we go (I still haven't made the opening title and end title).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pelican Video

I started uploading and cutting up and editing all the video I have from my first day of shooting at The Pier. Here is a really funny clip of a pelican biting a girl!

Holy mother of God


We are all witnesses, indeed! Un-friggin’-real!

A whole group of us watched this in the lobby bar at the Courtyard Marriot in St. Petersburg, Florida, tonight. Obviously, we screamed like banshees, especially since we almost left a few seconds prior to head to bed.

Thank God we stayed!

Friday, May 22, 2009

See Spot. See Spot Fly.

Well, we finally got some sunshine while in Florida! It’s weird to think that we’re here in late May and they’re having floods… But the thunder and lightning storms are pretty sweet (even when they hit at 3 p.m.)

palm trees

Anyway, here’s the deal. We all have to make a multi-media project during our two weeks at the Poynter Institute. Well, multi-media is encouraged, but the big thing is trying something new.

Personally, I have never done video. I mean, a serious video. You’ve probably seen the goofy YouTube shit I’ve made with Gene or Ben or John, but this is broadcast journalism. Originally, I had planned on creating a SoundSlide presentation similar to this one: Life Line, a presentation made by a Poynter Fellow last year.

But I want to try something new. So video it is.

Mine was going to be about sharks. You see, last week a 1,000-pound hammerhead was caught near here. Thus, I was instantly intrigued - if not for the sole fact that I annually circle the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week on my calendar before my family’s birthdays.

After talking to a few fisherman down at the pier, I was even more obsessed. One guy told us that he previously caught a 5-foot hammerhead on the pier. However, in order to reel the fish aboard, he had to walk all the way down the pier and onto the beach to slay the beast. Meanwhile, people are watching as this guy guts one of the oldest predators on earth, yet people continue swimming!! That was what perplexed me the most.

Well, yesterday I trekked back down the pier, camera in hand to discover what I could. I wanted a shark story. Nay, I needed a shark story, and I needed it bad.

I stopped in the bait shop near the tip of the long pier (see picture of how long the pier is here), and I was surprised that it was still open. I knew they fished for sharks at night, as the woman who mans the bait shop informed me of this a few days ago. But I figured the bait shop – aka Pelican-feeding headquarters – would be closed.

Alas, the attendant remained on duty! I was ready to pick her brain about sharks. However, I couldn’t stop looking at her buddies (this photo was from a day or so earlier):

And it seemed one was closer to her at most times than the others. Well, low and behold, there was a pelican named “Spot” that has been following this chick around for six years.

Yeah, six years!

What’s more, this lady actually moved away for two years, and upon her return to the pier, Spot recognized her INSTANTLY!

Are you kidding me!? Now that is a story!

And even though only one of Al Tompkin’s areas of motivation apply (he says innate curiosity is sometimes all it takes to motivate a reader into perusing a story, albeit there are a few others that remain much stronger when motivating), he also agreed with me today that this story was indeed curious enough. Screw community or health or family, I wanna know about the bird,

And boom goes the dynamite!

So here is Spot, the pelican who follows the bait shop employee I spent all afternoon videotaping and interviewing. This photo is from my phone, so I will be taking much higher quality photos as the weekend progresses. One final note: Spot is close to 30 years old!

It just keeps getting better…


Tweet Tweet!


I never really understood what Twitter was until I got here. Basically, it’s a website made up entirely of just facebook-style status updates.

But it’s also a bit more than that. In essence, as far as I’ve discovered so far, it’s much like sending a massive text to people who care (they’re called “followers”) all at once.

So while we’re in all these sessions at Poynter, people are literally “tweeting” non-stop. Which, I guess, is good – they have people back home who wish they could be here, and by following those on Twitter who actually are, they get somewhat of a taste.

It’s definitely going to take some time for me to get used to, though. But it helps being able to Tweet from my BlackBerry.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stay Thirsy My Friends (Part Deux)

I first saw this commercial a few months ago, and it sparked a hunt to find many similar clips in the legacy known as The Greatest Man in the Universe. I never could find THIS one, though, but now it's a pretty common commercial, so you've probably seen it.

Needless to say, I'm sure it beckons thoughts of yours truly...

Stay thirsty, my friends!

Welcome to Poynter

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but the past week has been insanely busy. From our first night together with dinner and drinks (and drinks… and drinks… and more drinks), where I somehow got a guy from Philly to buy the 8 of us all drinks, to now, it’s been a great trip overall. Professional training, indeed! These people are literally at the forefront of the business.

Seriously, I’ve already met one of my favorite professional designers and favorite writers, not to mention the multi-media editor from the NY Times (click here. trust me. just do it! oh, and also click here! truuuust me! friggin' amazing!!).

Needless to say, I really am the only kid from a two-year school:


But I do think that even though some in attendance are incredibly more talented than others, we’re all here to learn and share. I think the networking may be as important as the training, if not more.

These kids here will be shaping the future of journalism, no doubt!

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Business Card

I finally created a business card for myself. Indeed, years in the making, I really didn't spend much time over-designing anything too fancy (trust me, that's a feat for myself!). So, aside from all the basic, necessary information, it's pretty simple. And, for only $30, I got 200. A rip-off, yes, but I got them same-day from Staples, just in time for my fellowship in Florida!

(I even put "photography" on it... I can only get better!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little League Insanity!!

It wasn’t pretty. But it was intense…

We played the Mets last night in a matchup of the two bottom-feeders in Coeur d’Alene L.L. They haven’t won a game yet, although they have come close a few times and tied us to open the year… Us? We came in 1-8-1

The lead changed a few times, and heading into the bottom of the 6th and final inning, we were up 6-4. Our relief pitcher had already given up a run the previous inning, and was throwing nothing but somewhat-quick strikes – a SHARP contrast to our starting pitcher, undoubtedly the fastest hurler in the league!

He walked the first batter. The next kid up roped a line drive to second; then, with runners on 2nd and 3rd, they stole home on the ensuing pitch, while the next batter lined one to shallow right, thus tying the game at 6 even. In the midst of it all, we somehow netted two outs.

So there we were, tied 6-6 with the only team we’ve beat this season (and the only team we’ve tied!) in the bottom of the final inning. They had a runner on third, and I pulled the whole infield onto the grass, the outfield damn near on the infield dirt.

There was no way a bloop single would win this.

However, as our pitched lobbed what looked to be the final pitch of the game, I noticed our centerfielder standing deeper than the rest. I yelled, but he didn’t hear.


The Mets smoked the game-winning hit deep into center. The crowd screamed, the Mets stammered out of the dugout to congratulate the winning run. Back that train up, baby! Miraculously, our CF threw his hand in the air and by sheer luck, CAUGHT THE BALL!! Batter out EXTRA INNINGS!!!

We exploded in the 7th inning. Three runs off four hits and a walk, including two hard doubles.

In the bottom half, the Mets failed to get more than one baserunner on, and couldn’t move him past second.


I can honestly say this was the most intense game of any sport covering my entire coaching career. And, suffice it to say, even though our record still sits at 2-8-1, my all-time coaching record is floating barely over .500! Something around 60-58-1.

Goddamn it feels good to win!

Final Sentinel … EVER

final Front

Well, after 35 issues spanning seven separate semesters at the greatest journalism college in the nation (concerning two-year schools, at least!), it’s finally over.

My only regret is that I didn’t care at all how the last issue transpired. Well, me not caring is not like somebody else just giving up. Instead of spending 80 hours in the newsroom for a production week, I only spent 40ish… Still more than most others, combined.

But I only penned one article and didn’t even write my final opinion. I guess this Blog is meeting that need: to say anything I want, whenever I want.

Anyway, I’ll reflect on Sentinel later. I’ve gotta get ready for Florida.

Oooh! I did get to do one thing I’ve wanted to do all year long, and it figures I had to wait until my last issue (and thank God that Nik took some photos good enough): Design a vertical newspaper page … wait for it … wait for it …. HORIZONTAL!

And, low and behold, it looks good! At least I think so:


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We didn’t start the fire

OK, maybe we did… Gene and I got a wee bit intoxicated on Friday night, and after a late-night pallet hijacking, we created this monstrosity in his backyard on top of a small patio fire pit (yeah, I’m still wearing my Little League shirt from the day’s earlier game):

The spirit of Chief Joseph compels us!

Pallet + gasoline + fire pit = AWESOME


I fell on a nail…


The Morning After: Lots of grass is now missing. So worth it.

Florida in Four Days

This Saturday, I head to St. Petersburg for the Poynter Institute Summer Fellowship, essentially a journalism internship at the greatest training facility for said industry. But it still hasn't really sunk in that I'm going across the country (literally west coast to east!) for two weeks. Even worse, I'm the only student from a two-year school out of the 40 attending.

You might say I'm a little intimidated. But then again, I've never let that stop me before.

What's more, you know this whole thing is expensive! My plane ticket was paid for (thanks new mother-in-law), and my Dad is supposedly covering the hotel: 14 days aint cheap in Florida, so that's a huge boost!

I still haven't even started getting a list together concerning what I might need. Aside from my laptop, I better start preparing for this thing ... like, now! Then there's all the laundery I need to finish before leaving, and the online training seminars which I have yet to delve into (That's a whole lot of online work). Sheesh, between Little League and The Sentinel the past few weeks I haven't had time to even think about Florida. Much less get my iPod ready for the day-long travel between airports and planes.

Wish me luck, I better figure this thing out soon!

Oh, and I know it's old-fashioned, but I haven't sent a postcard to anyone in YEARS... Send me your snail-mail addy, and I'll definitely shoot some out from Florida. Even better, I'll try and take pictures myself and print them at Kinkos to mail out.

God, I am a geek.

Little League Photo

Here is a cool photo from our game last night. We lost to the Mariners 5-1, but they scored every run on past balls and one error. We actually manufactured our run, and advanced base runners by hitting the ball (though we never could once they got on third base! errr!) Still, proud of them again, as they get better each game. Next year this team will be unstoppable, as this is truly a building year.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Most Embarassing Moment

Yesterday I went to the gas station to buy beer before heading to my cousins. Standing at the counter, I looked down at the glass and noticed the little Blackjack "Beat the Dealer" $1 Idaho Lottery Tickets.
I was perplexed, to say the least. Blackjack is my vice.
So, I wrangled a ticket with my purchase and headed to the car with a dime to scratch away the door to my obvious winnings. Needless to say, I'm no scratch ticket rookie. But this blunder certainly made me seem like one.

As I was on the phone with future Mrs. Donahue, I screamed aloud: "Oh My God!! I WON!! I WON!! N0 - Seriously - Holly!! I THINK I WON $125!!"

Slamming my phone into the passenger seat and cutting off my fiancee, I stormed back into the gas station with a fervor posessed only by the most athletic of men. I hurriedly shoved my Golden Ticket into the hands of an unsuspecting clerk.

"Scan it! I won!! I swear, I won!! A Jack beats a 9!! I won!"

"I don't gamble, sir," she rebutted. "So I don't know how you win on these. Let me scan it."

Shaking, I was damn near standing on the counter waiting for my cash.

"I'm sorry, sir, it says 'This ticket not a winner,'" she muttered.

"Scan it again!" I yelled. "A Jack beats a 9!! A Jack beats a 9!"

She did. It said the same thing, again: THIS TICKET NOT A WINNER.

I clammered for the scapegoat of all my hatred, looked across the ticket for a reason. "See! I won on all 4 hands!! I should get $132, actually!!"

Then, I realized my mistake. I've dealt with dyslexia my entire life, but not this bad.

I was reading the "Dealer's Hand" as my own, and thus discovered I, in fact, lost every hand on the card.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Business Card Designs

I just designed a few business card ideas for a buddy's dad real quickly...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Idaho sucks

Let me rephrase that: The Idaho Press Club is retarded.

How else, then, would you explain this simple little fact: Among all colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest (including Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Oregon and Washington), The Sentinel wins FIRST PLACE for non-daily newspapers. That's against every major non-daily newspaper!

Yet in our own state, the Idaho Press Club chalks us up second to the University of Idaho. I mean, seriously? 

No. Really. Seriously? 

What's more, we tied for second with Boise State. No offense to The Argonaut, I'm sure they do a great job. But we already beat them in a major award (they got third in the same category we won for SPJ). 

Then, while I'm obviously a modest individual seemingly never too worried about myself, I had but one wish: First place for Page Design.

Boom Shakka Lakka.... I got third. Third? Talk about a slap in the face. I would have rather not even been named than get third to Boise State and University of Idaho. Sheesh, that's depressing. I only wish I could see their entries, they better had been good. Had I not won nationally with the Society of News Design, I would have no room to talk.

But seriously? Third?

And with all due respect, The Argonaut down at UI is a good paper, as is Boise State. They publish multiple issues every week. Us? One every three. What's further, they are universities. I would hope they win, simply because we're but a two-year program. And I'm sure the judges took that into account.

I take solace in knowing some of the best staff members the University of Idaho has (or has ever had) came from North Idaho College.

I'm just a bitter, award-hungry editor on my last issue of a college paper ... ever. 

Way to go, I-duh-Ho!

Losing Sucks! But we'll win again...

Well, it's not so much that Little League as an organization blows... just my league. And I only mean that the other teams are good - really good. So in all fairness, I should say that Cd'A L.L. friggin' rocks.

But I won't. 

You see, I find it quite interesting that while we're not in last place (just 4th place out of 5 teams), the wife of the coach from the first place team was the board member who picked our replacements when we lost two kids. Hmmmmm..... Coincidence, then, that I was not given the players I requested? I seriously, seriously doubt it, for I was given players far from the realm of whom I expected.

However, the players I actually was given are not untalented; they could be studs in the majors if worked with harder than I have so far. One will become a great catcher, the other can smack the ball. I only wonder how much better of a team we'd be, had I gotten the players requested. And this point in the season, I wouldn't trade any kid for anybody. We have the talent to beat ANY team in this league, and aside from a few errors and bad pitches, we can hang with any team in any game. 

We play the first place Tigers on Wednesday. And I'm starting our ace pitcher against them, hoping he will throw another gem. If we only give up a few runs, I say we have a serious chance at them.

And all wee need is one big win to transform the mindset of this team. Then it's a whole new season.