Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My camera’s 10,000th image

Holy Sanata Clause Shit!

After 21 months of playing with my 2008 birthday present (the Canon S5 IS that Holly so lovingly bestowed upon me a few weeks before my actual birthday almost two years ago), I finally shot image No. 10,000. And be it ever so fitting, it occurred during our honeymoon in Maui.

Here is IMG_0000 (after IMG_9999, it reverts back to zero):


Knowing that this milestone was steadfastly approaching, especially at rate in which I was shooting down in Hawaii, I really wanted a special image for my camera’s big moment.

Well, Maui couldn’t have painted a better sunset picture!

This was on our way to watch the Independence Day fireworks from the streets of Old Lahaina in West Maui. I was going to try and shoot a bunch more of this awesome view, but some Hawaiian asshole veered his beat up Toyota directly in front of me and my tripod – completely blocking our view! I was pissed, to say the least. But, alas, I still came away with what I wanted: An awesome palm tree shot. Soon after I hammered out some pretty sweet (at least for me) fireworks photos.

But enough about that one image – let’s dig into some stats.

Since Oct. 26, 2008, when Holly gave the camera to me as an early birthday present (she hid it in her bag when I picked her up from the airport, then asked me to grab something out of it. I was speechless for a moment, then excited beyond belief), I’ve taken that camera everywhere!

So, to break it down a little further, between Sunday Oct. 26, 2008, and Sunday, July 4, 2010, I shot 10,000 photos.

That’s roughly one photo every 90 minutes!

Yeah, you read that right. I averaged just over 16 photos a day for 623 days… over 112 photos a week for 89 weeks… 476 photos a month for 21 months!

Now, I’m sure those numbers aren’t incredibly staggering for somebody like our wedding photographer, Benjamin Reed, who popped off over 5,000 shots at just our wedding alone! But for a guy who’s never been paid to shoot photos, I’m chalking up 10,000 as a pretty sweet number.

That being said, here’s to 10,000 more!