Monday, March 22, 2010


A while back I shared a photo that I shot after being inspired from others on Flickr (here is the shot that inspired me). Anyway, in the comments under that photo somebody recommended I try a photoshop plugin called Topaz Adjust.

So, I did. and while I really think the newer version looks better, it still looks too much like a cartoon. But I guess that’s how most HDRs look. Oh well, here are the two different versions. The first one is my edit with Topaz adjust, while the second image is the original.

I guess that my favorite part of topaz is that it really brings out the contrast in things, like the clouds and the wooden pillars.

Portland HDR (edit)

Portland HDR

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werkunz said...

Yes, Topaz Adjust is great!!.

regarding your question about the lens adapter

Hi Jake,

I used for the shots a Nikon D40 and later a D90 with a 18mm-105mm zoom lens. It works fine with this lens at 18mm and generates this nice almost fish-eye effect.

I had bad experience with my 50mm prime lens (bad this could be also because I used a step up ring that biases the optics maybe). I would assume it works fine with every DSLR at 18mm.

I don't know so much about the Canon Powershot. Maybe the bigger DSLR lenses bring a little bit of advantage. If your widest focal length is 35mm you can only generate 18mm. Maybe in my examples the inferior quality in the off center is hidden by the distortion.

Hope that helped

All the best